Single & Origin Selected from renowned coffee regions known for their quality and distinctive flavours. Arabica Line ROBUSTA Line PEABERRY Line MOKA Line hương Rustic, Pristine and Unique! The Hương Chồn coffee series from Honee Coffee is born to uphold and inherit the core values of Central Highlands Weasel Coffee. The rustic and wild flavor takes the connoisseur back to nature, with the essence of flowers, leaves, grass… countless colors, myriad fragrances, combine with the pristine beauty of the mountains. Read More chon ` ^ Read More Valens is an instant product line based on the criteria of combining ingredients that are friendly to the user's health. Read More Natural Flavour 0{{current_slide_index}}/0{{total_slide_count}}

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Honee Coffee is a symbol of the delicate, vivid, and deeply humane connection between nature and nature, between nature and humans, and among humans on this vast yet intimately familiar planet.


Honee Coffee & The Journey of Flavour

Honee Coffee products aim to bring simple joys, where flavors are like intriguing, melodious tunes. After a cup of coffee, we relax and continue our journey of self-discovery.


the originality and naturalness of coffee and other ingredients are always imperative.


it’s about harmoniously combining different, diverse elements.


focusing on each experience to create exciting flavor journeys.

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Each Honee Coffee’s product has its own personality, story, and brings different experiences. However, they all share a common origin from the passion for coffee.





Explore the prominent values ​​of Vietnamese coffee beans, combined with distinctive cultural and natural materials. From there, we create products with high value in utility, and also filled with a sense of enjoyment and exploration.


Honee Coffee Product Lines

Honee Coffee products are distributed across product lines, each with its own unique flavors and experiences. Understanding more about each product line and their shared characteristics will help you make the decision that suits your enjoyment preferences.

Product Categories

Products are also categorized by their form or intended use, such as Whole Bean Coffee or Ground Coffee. Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for different usage situations.

Coffee Storage

Proper storage of coffee is crucial to ensure the product’s quality is maintained throughout its use. You can refer to the following methods to prolong the freshness of your coffee.

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