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This line of product is named after the Arabica coffee plant.

Arabica is typically grown in regions with altitudes ranging from 1,200-2,220m and temperatures around 15-24°C. Compared to Robusta, Arabica generally has lower caffeine content, more complex flavors, and higher acidity. However, it is more susceptible to environmental impacts during cultivation.


Arabica Product Line
By Honee Coffee

This product line features the simplest ingredient sourced from Cartimor coffee beans, a variety of the Coffea Arabica species commonly referred to as Arabica in Vietnam.

The purpose of this line is to allow customers to experience the flavor of a single variety or explore when blended with other products.


The ingredients for these products are sourced from renowned Arabica-growing regions in Vietnam such as Lam Dong, Son La, or Dien Bien. These areas have ideal conditions in terms of altitude, climate, and soil fertility for this type of plant.


Selection involves not only choosing the growing regions but also considering various quality factors such as crop season, harvesting and processing methods, preservation, etc., to ensure the coffee’s flavor and quality.


Our products are always pure-roasted, driven by our trust in Vietnamese coffee beans and the choices we make.


Arabica in Vietnam

Arabica was the first coffee species introduced to Vietnam in 1857 through French missionaries.

In Vietnam, there are various cultivars (or varieties) grown such as Bourbon, Mocha, Typica, Starmaya… and the most common one today is Catimor, due to its strong adaptability to the environment and good resistance to pests and diseases.


Famous Coffee-Growing Regions in Vietnam

Since the early days of coffee experimentation in Vietnam, many regions have engaged in cultivation, but over time, the most prominent ones remain the following three:


With average elevations ranging from 500 to 1,500 meters and a climate suitable for the cultivation of coffee. The most renowned areas include Muong Ang (Dien Bien) and Chieng Ban (Son La).

Central Region

One of the pioneering regions for coffee cultivation in Vietnam, although its natural factors are not as favorable as the other two regions, it still boasts its own reputation, such as Khe Sanh (Quang Tri).

Central Highlands

With an extremely favorable climate and altitude for coffee trees to grow, including Arabica varieties. The Central Highlands have many renowned coffee-growing areas such as Cau Dat (Lam Dong) and Mang Den (Kontum).



Catimor, a hybrid between Caturra and Timor Hybrid. Specifically, Caturra is a mutation of Bourbon and Timor is a crossbreed between Arabica and Robusta.

The flavor profile of Catimor varies depending on the region and cultivation methods, but generally leans towards a tartness, mild bitterness, and occasionally, a very intense and enticing aroma.

Suitable Altitude

Catimor thrives in regions with altitudes ranging from 1,000 to 1,600 meters above sea level.


Most suitable within a temperature range of 15-25℃.



Catimor coffee, depending on the region and cultivation methods, may vary, but generally tends towards a tartness and mild bitterness.

Alongside its rich and enticing aroma, this coffee variety exhibits a balance of flavor characteristics inherited from both Arabica and Robusta.

Smoothly tart, lightly bitter, with a rich and enticing aroma!

As You May Already Know

What is Arabica?

The Arabica coffee plant, scientifically known as Coffea Arabica, originates from Ethiopia and is often referred to as “Cà phê Chè” which means “Coffee Tea” in Vietnam.

With its general characteristics of a more diverse aroma, lighter bitterness, and caffeine content typically around 50% less than Robusta, Arabica accounts for over 2/3 of global coffee consumption.

Arabica is the species name, but it is often used broadly to refer to its varieties. However, distinctive and superior-tasting varieties are still referred to separately for distinction, such as Bourbon, Typica, or Starmaya.

Arabica plants are often difficult to care for and have high requirements for soil and climate. Therefore, not every country or region can grow high-quality Arabica plants.


About Product Classification

Honee Coffee’s Arabica product line is divided into two branches:

  • Standard
  • Premium

Products belonging to the latter branch will have higher quality than the former and typically have relatively limited production quantities.

Branching Criteria

The criteria used to branch this line is the quality of the raw materials. Determining the quality of the raw materials requires consideration of various factors such as variety, harvest time, degree of sorting, processing methods, growing regions, and evaluation through cupping…

Due to the rigorous selection and evaluation process, branches with higher-quality ingredients typically have lower production quantities.

So are Standard branch products not as good as others?

All Standard Arabica products have carefully selected ingredients, giving them a tendency to produce delicate and enticing cups of coffee.

In this branch, while the quality of their ingredients may be inferior to other branches, leading to less diversity or depth in flavor, their flavor profile still possesses unique and interesting characteristics to explore.

The Standard branch always serves as the starting point for Honee Coffee’s product lines. These branch products are usually more accessible and are considered the benchmark for the line.

Depending on our fortunate encounters with hidden coffee flavors, new lines will be developed based on the foundation of Standard branch products.



Currently, products in the Arabica line are mainly divided into two main categories as below:

You can enjoy Arabica products simply in their original form or explore different flavor combinations by blending with other coffee varieties such as robusta, moka…

Explore Flavours

The cards above introduce some typical products of the Arabica line.

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Elegant & Velvety


Arabica by Honee Coffee

Is one of the first product lines of Honee Coffee and also one of the two basic names in the coffee industry. We always aim for the most rustic, original, and stable aspects of the product.



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