Product Line

Honee Coffee’s products are classified not only based on their nature or purpose of use (category) but also by their line structure, ensuring consistency in characteristics from packaging to quality.

Currently, there are a total of 7 lines listed below. You can refer to them to gain a better understanding of our products.

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General Group

The product lines are divided into three general groups as follows:

Single Origin

As a single-origin coffee, it is not blended with any other types of coffee. And the lines within this group have products where the ingredients consist solely of one type.


This group consists of product lines created by Honee Coffee. It represents Honee Coffee’s endeavor to craft unique and highly enjoyable products with high value.


Currently, this group only has one line – Chồn (Weasel Coffee) – which is used to create a contrasting line with Hương Chồn.

Sole & Original

Single Origin


This product line features single-origin coffee beans sourced exclusively from the Cartimor variety, a type of Coffea Arabica commonly referred to as Arabica in Vietnam.


This product line focuses solely on Robusta coffee, leveraging the advantage of Vietnam's abundant coffee production and vast cultivation areas to select high-quality Robusta beans for this line.


Peaberry, also known as culi in Vietnam, is a natural mutation in coffee beans and can occur in any coffee plant. Appearing at a frequency of about 5-10%, these beans are round like peas instead of having one flat side like regular beans.


Moka has a long history and is one of the varieties of Coffea Arabica, making it very demanding in terms of cultivation conditions and sensitive to pests. Nevertheless, the flavor of Moka has left a profound mark throughout the history of coffee and is considered a legend.
Passion & Experience


Hương Chồn

created and inspired by the legendary weasel coffee, Honee Coffee's Hương Chồn line was born to maintain and inherit the core values of weasel coffee.


This product line combines various ingredients beyond just coffee. Specifically, it is an instant product line that focuses on the combination of coffee and natural, health-friendly ingredients.
Preserving the Art of Enjoyment


Chồn (Weasel Coffee)

Weasel coffee is a legend known by many names, such as Luwak Coffee, Civet Coffee and vice versa. It is formed through the digestion process of the civet, creating one of the most unique coffees in the world.