in rustic brew, wild essence flows,
unique, the fabled flavor grows!

is the criterion and the Honee Coffee’s utmost effort to preserve the legendary flavour of civet coffee from the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Product Line

crafted and inspired
by the legendary civet coffee.

After years of research on civets and civet coffee, experiencing and tasting this legendary coffee, Hương Chồn of Honee Coffee made its debut in 2015.


Hương Chồn

The Creative Product Line of Honee Coffee

Continuing the
Legendary Journey

The Hương Chồn coffee series from Honee Coffee is born to uphold and inherit the core values of Central Highlands Weasel Coffee. The rustic and wild flavor takes the connoisseur back to nature, with the essence of flowers, leaves, grass… countless colors, myriad fragrances, combine with the pristine beauty of the mountains.

The connoisseur then can be immersed in nature, leaving all the worries of everyday life behind, yet returning to the essence of oneself, gently carefree!

A Little Principle

Through the process of both their study on the civet species that feed on coffee cherries and the experience of tasting and enjoying Vietnamese Weasel Coffee, the producer draws a conclusion – it all comes down to careful selection: exceptional coffee varieties with rich flavours, ripe coffee beans that are pesticide-free, organic cultivation, and suitable geographical location.

For the civet, all that is sufficient for them to choose coffee cherries to eat. However, for the producer, additional harvesting and processing following the correct procedures is neccessary to ensure that coffee beans retain their original flavour.

Because within each coffee bean, although there are countless aromas, yet the wild flavour inherent in each coffee bean combine with characteristic of the mountainous forest, is also the distinctive aroma in the civet’s secretion, permeating through the rustic, wild coffee beans with the scent of grass, leaves, and the myriad colors of the great forest.

Thus, such perfect combination of flavours in the civet secretion creates a harmonious, legendary elevation of the weasel coffee flavour.


What is Weasel Coffee?

Hương Chồn from Honee Coffee carries humanistic values along with the beauty of the interplay between sophisticated roasting techniques and the flavor quality in coffee beans. And this product line is inspired by Weasel Coffee. So, what is Weasel Coffee?​

Weasel Coffee, known by various names such as Luwak Coffee, Civet Coffee or Chồn Coffee, is a legendary coffee brew formed through a unique process involving the Asian palm civet.

If you’re intrigued by Weasel Coffee’s flavor, you can explore Honee Coffee’s Weasel Coffee product line here:


Products of
Hương Chồn


Savour the Journey

Each product of the Hương Chồn line is inspired by the charming paths on the flavor journey of Weasel coffee. By blending various types of coffee, we strive to recreate our experiences and sensations in those unique moments.

For us, the greatest value in the fermentation process of Weasel coffee digestion is harmony. Like a raw gemstone being polished, the sharpness in aroma and taste is softened, creating a legendary elevation.

We may believe in what we want to believe because the crucial factor throughout the company’s establishment days is harmony, or perhaps because we cherish this characteristic in our Vietnamese culinary culture. Whatever the reason, this “compass” has helped us create unique products in the Hương Chồn line.

Choosing good coffee is a prerequisite. However, creating harmony in flavor demands relentless effort, enduring passion, and delicate techniques.

Line Structrure
& Enjoyment

Each specific product will have the overall influence of the Hương Chồn line and its product branch, but they still possess their own characteristics.

The diversity and depth of Weasel coffee’s aroma layers can evoke various emotions, thus we have created product groups with certain flavor tendencies, referred to as branches of the Hương Chồn line.

Each branch will aim for different experiences, bringing forth unique shades and personalities to help us convey and share our fascinating experiences.

The Hương Chồn product line consists of the following branches:

The first branch of the Hương Chồn line focuses on balancing and harmonizing different types of coffee to recreate the initial impression that Weasel coffee evokes: rustic yet enticing. Rustic Bronze >> View Products Touch
& feel the
Charm Coffee Gift Box Roasted Coffee Bean AVAILABLE CATEGORIES
Focusing more on the coffee aroma than the Bronze branch. By employing different combinations, with some higher-quality components compared to the previous branch, the products of this branch will have a gentler orientation and a tendency towards brighter experiences. Seeks for Silver >> View Products Coffee
Brightness Coffee Singles Roasted Coffee Bean AVAILABLE CATEGORIES
Using the highest-quality ingredients, while also having a fairly limited quantity, this branch's products will tend to offer diverse and deep experiences in both aroma and flavour. Depth of Gold >> VIEW PRODUCTS Experience
Flavour Coffee Gift Box Roasted Coffee Bean AVAILABLE CATEGORIES
Aiming for intense and passionate flavour experiences, focusing on the wild aspect mentioned earlier. Strong & Coffee Gift Box Traditionally Strong >> View Products Coffee
That is
Pristine Drip Bag Coffee Roasted Coffee Bean AVAILABLE CATEGORIES
It's an effort to recreate the uniqueness of the legendary weasel coffee – mysterious yet enticing. Highlighting the details and delicacy in the melody of flavors. Gental & Coffee Gift Box Sophisticated >> View Products Coffee
that is
Delicate Drip Bag Coffee Ground Coffee AVAILABLE CATEGORIES
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Every invaluable value is formed from love and passion. The “rustic, pristine, and unique flavour of weasel coffee” is not just a passion and creativity that can be written or spoken, but an extremely delicate expression! It’s like you gather a bit of wind, sunlight, soil’s scent, mountain flowers, the fragrance of dry grass, the buzzing of bees searching for nectar, and the chirping of birds on branches…

All are gathered and converge like the faint scent of civet perfume from the Vietnamese Central Highlands, permeating through the wild natural coffee beans, captivating the heart and soul of people.



Respecting the original values of coffee beans is essential to foster a product’s value, since coffee beans themselves contain countless flavours to discover and are also infinite materials for creativity.

Depth of Flavour

One of the intriguing aspects of Weasel Coffee is its flavour’s multi-layered complexity. This is also a characteristic of premium coffee varieties, but it’s a completely different stoty in order to create the layered experiences of Weasel Coffee. This is the unique point that we pursue.


Each Hương Chồn product carries the value of Central Highlands coffee beans, along with flavours inspired by the legend of Weasel Coffee and hints of taste from Vietnamese coffee culture.

Wild Weasel Coffee from the Vietnamese Central Highlands is now just a trip down the memory lane.

Weasel coffee farming in Vietnam is limited in quantity and is a extremely challenging issue in terms of husbandry. Moreover, civets are very selective when choosing coffee cherries to eat. The future of farmed Weasel coffee will also gradually diminish.

The Hương Chồn line is the crystallization of love, passion, and creativity that has gathered and converged the rustic, wild, and distinctive aspects of natural Weasel coffee. It is the continuation, preservation of the core value of Weasel coffee.



Hương Chồn coffee is a project filled with the natural love, dedication, and creativity of the producer, spanning nearly 20 years. Every second, every minute, every passing year, we continuously gather the unique wild flavours of the Central Highlands forests, which have created the legend of Weasel coffee, to perfect the Hương Chồn line of Honee Coffee.

    Each product corresponds to a category to provide our customers with various options for consumption. Although each brewing method will offer different experiences, the overall direction of the products within the same branch remains unchanged. Typically, our customers start with the roasted bean products of Hương Chồn.

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    Rustic, pristine and unique!

    A Few Words of Reflection

    Hương Chồn

    & Enjoyment

    The completion of the Hương Chồn line has one last and most crucial step, which is our dedication to coffee connoisseurs both domestically and internationally, who reminisce with us in the mystical realm of flavours from the forests of the Central Highlands of Vietnam, where Weasel coffee has become legendary. Your constructive feedback is immensely valuable as you journey with us to excellently preserve the value of Weasel coffee over the past 20 years.

    “The rustic, pristine, and unique flavour of Weasel coffee”

    To perfect this project with us is eternal! For the journey back to the roots of nature is boundless!

    Your understanding, trust, is our greatest joy.