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This line specializing in instant coffee blends with natural ingredients.




All products in this line contain milk or dairy derivatives!


Product Line


Valens represents a relatively different journey compared to other product lines of Honee Coffee, as Valens chooses to combine various ingredients beyond the scope of coffee. Specifically, it is an instant coffee product line that combines coffee with natural ingredients, focusing on health-friendliness. In addition to the positive energy provided by coffee and other ingredients, the harmony of flavours between the ingredients is also carefully crafted to provide simple yet interesting experiences.

The fusion of different ingredients brings uniqueness to the products of the Valens line. On one hand, they offer milder experiences for those who love coffee but are not yet accustomed to the bitterness and caffeine of regular coffee. On the other hand, these gentle and harmonious flavours also bring moments of distinct relaxation for those familiar with a traditional cup of coffee.

The Way


It all started with the Valentina Coffee Blossom Powder in 2016, a product that has remained modest over the years. The idea stemmed from a passion for endless flavor experiences and the sweet values derived from the hard work of bees. We cherished and created this product, infusing it with the essence of every sip, the harmony between the purest elements of coffee: the fruit and the blossom.

Gentle Spread

Valens gently spreads sophistication and the faint aroma of blossoms in every cup of coffee. Encouraged by customers who appreciate the delicacy of Valentina, we have expanded this product line with new flavors, built upon the values tested over time.


Coffee & Milk


On one side, pure white, creamy richness, and smooth sweetness, while on the other, deep dark, intense flavor, and unmistakable bitterness. The combination of these seemingly contrasting elements creates a beloved beverage worldwide. And this is the foundation for the Valens line, where we will add more flavor melodies.



The Ingredients & Character

Distinctive ingredients like pollen, honey, or saffron are chosen to create a unique character for each product. And to achieve harmony and synergy, other ingredients must also ensure comparable quality.

Products in the Valens line always contain a certain amount of plant-based milk powder, prioritizing the inherent sweetness of these ingredients. In the case of added sugar, the amount used is always minimal, and preference is given to using healthier options such as raw sugar, or stevia.

The criteria for the development and production process of Valens products always align with our core values and framework to create distinctiveness for the line:


The ingredients of the Valens line, while mostly in the form of soluble extracts, are all selected and aimed at their inherent naturalness.


As a core value throughout the company, products in the Valens line strongly embody this influence and are evident in the carefully chosen ingredients.


Last but not least, Flavour is a crucial element. For us, Flavour is the “Beauty” that we constantly pursue with relentless passion.


In Latin, Valen /ˈvaːlən/ means healthy, strong, and courageous – with the essence of our products being a type of food, we focus on the first meaning: healthiness.


delicately aimed at diverse, deep flavors


meticulous and rigorous in selecting the quality of each ingredient


carefully dosing ingredients to prioritize health


meticulously details to enhance the excitement with each experience

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Product Line


Embodies a gentle and harmonious blend of natural ingredients. From there, it delivers coffee experiences with additional benefits from ingredients such as pollen, providing energy, vitamins, etc. Moreover, Valens also emphasizes refinement as well as the “beauty” factor in flavor.