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What makes Hương Chồn special?

Hương Chồn is a product line created by Honee Coffee. Drawing inspiration from the legendary flavor of Weasel Coffee, along with delicate roasting techniques and a strong passion for coffee, we bring forth a unique and experiential product line.

To understand how we achieve this, you can read more about our product line introductions:

Does swollen coffee bag mean it went bad?

Swollen bags are due to the off-gassing process, mainly CO2 , after coffee roasting. Typically, coffee needs to undergo a certain period of degassing ranging from 24 hours to 7 days, depending on the type. However, sometimes changes in coffee beans from each batch lead to other alterations in the coffee beans that we are unable to adjust the packaging timing accordingly.

The presence of CO2 gas is a sign of freshly roasted coffee and greatly affects the flavor of the coffee.

Where to buy Honee Coffee’s products?

You can purchase our products at reputable supermarket chains in Vietnam, e-commerce platforms… For updated information, please visit:

Can i ground pre-roasted coffee?

At our direct retail outlets, we always have coffee grinders available, so you can request the staff to grind according to your brewing needs.

If you order online, you can choose your desired corseness/grind sizes, or make a note in your order.

However, pre-ground coffee should be used within 2 to 3 weeks after opening the package to ensure the best quality.

How much coffee is enough?

Avoid consuming too much coffee as it may exceed the recommended caffeine intake. When the caffeine intake is too high, it can cause rapid heart rate and blood pressure, increase the risk of acid reflux, disrupt sleep patterns… Sometimes, excessive caffeine intake can pose life-threatening risks. Typically, the recommended caffeine intake is 400mg per day for adults, equivalent to about 4-5 cups of brewed coffee.

Additional Notes

To learn more about our company, please visit our website: https://banmegold.com/

You can check the information about certain certification (such as Halal) on each product.

At certain times, product images may differ slightly from the actual product because we continuously upgrade and apply new packaging techniques to enhance the quality of the product experience.

You can explore products categorized as “Coffee Gift Box”. These include meticulously packaged items with premium coffee quality. Some products may also come with cultural Vietnamese gifts such as coffee filters… With attention to detail and depth not only in taste and culture, it will be a meaningful gift.

Additionally, you can check out our other products. While they may not fall under the category of intricately packaged items, they are equally luxurious and practical.

Which products are suitable as gifts?

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The process of creating Hương Chồn was when we recognized the concerns of customers when using Weasel Coffee. Despite how enticing the flavor may be, the barrier of negative feelings from countless pieces of information about animal cruelty was evident.


Why is Hương Chồn Coffee Special?

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Valentina instant coffee is not a weight loss coffee, despite it using consumer-friendly ingredients such as brown sugar and plant-based milk powder.

To learn more about Valentina and the Valens line, you can find out more here: ⌠ https://honeecoffee.com/en/line/valens

Is Valentina coffee a weight loss coffee?

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